We are innovation storytellers

We help emerging technology companies communicate with their audience with greater authority and effectiveness. We do this by simplifying complex messages, building exposure to broader audiences, and gathering timely, targeted intelligence.

“Airfoil does a brilliant job of converting messaging to data so that we understand where we’re meeting our objectives and where we need to focus our attention.”

Tony Sapienza, Former Communications Director

“The thing I love most is that the Airfoil team is genuinely enthusiastic about the work and about what we do.”

Ryan Knott, Public Relations Specialist

“Identifying a partner not only focused on technology but born and raised on new media was critical. Airfoil was the perfect fit.”

Jim Shanley, CEO

Surpassing Sky-High Expectations at CES

Airfoil’s CES strategy hits the jackpot. Thousands of Parrot-related stories are published from the show each year, and early access to Parrot’s products have helped the company earn “Best of CES” awards.

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From the Airfoil Blog

Airfoil Group Launches Peer Digital Agency

Airfoil Group announced the start-up of a new peer agency, Airfoil Digital, which specializes in creating digital strategies for Airfoil clients as well as for digitally-minded marketers. The new peer agency will specialize in three key areas: creating engaging experiences, architecting meaningful content and generating audience visibility through CX (customer experience), UX (user experience) content marketing and demand generation.




Our clients don’t fit into a box, and neither do we. Our team thrives on revolutionary ideas and gives lift to the tech visionaries who create new and unique products.


From tech and auto to healthcare and small business, we help our clients innovate across industries and go from unknown to influential.


Through steady, aggressive and intelligent storytelling, we assist brands in finding their voice and reaching the right audience.


When it comes to lead gen, one method does not fit all. We take a multifaceted and truly integrated approach to driving measurable results for your brand.


Whether it’s an internal crisis or a decline in sales, we deliver insight-driven strategies that turn problems into opportunities.


Is your product or service poised to upend an industry? Good. We’re not here to help you fit in. We’re here to make sure you stand out.