Empowering consumers to take control of indoor air quality

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The Challenge

Like it or not, we live in a dangerous world. Some dangers are obvious and others are unseen, including radon, one of the world’s silent killers. Monitors are the only way to prevent exposure to high levels of radon, which can lead to an increased risk of lung cancer. Airthings, a Norwegian tech company setting out to create a new category of smart devices, creates radon monitors that are the most user-friendly on the market. They are designed to help people understand the quality of air in their homes, schools and workplaces. But public awareness about the dangers of radon was low, despite radon exposure causing more than 20,000 deaths each year in the U.S alone. No one was educating consumers about preventative solutions. With Airfoil, the company sought to refresh its brand identity, but also launch new product advancements and jumpstart an important conversation around health and air quality among a new group of consumers.

The Airfoil Solution

Starting with a launch at CES Unveiled and PepCom Digital Experience, Airfoil maximized Airthings’ presence at the shows to engage and build brand awareness among some of the most influential media attendees. After the initial burst of media attention from CES, Airfoil harnessed the momentum by developing a proactive and reactive news engine that aligned Airthings to health and wellness, connected home, and technology conversations. Additionally, through new relationships with organizations like the American Lung Association, Airfoil built Airthings’ leadership position, incorporating outside voices as further validation of the company’s mission.

The Results

By increasing its visibility among policy leaders and directly with the public, Airthings ascended to the top spot in the air quality and detection market. Through Airfoil’s key message development and strategic relationship building, media came to see Airthings’ main product, Wave, as much more than a detection device, but a beautifully-designed piece of advanced technology. In less than a year, Airfoil generated more than 40 pieces of unique, strategic coverage in top tier technology and lifestyle publications, including TechCrunch, HuffPost, VentureBeat, and Today.com. Efforts have reached more than 301.3 million potential customers throughout the U.S.

Cause-Based Media Relations

“Airfoil was a tremendous partner in helping us navigate the media landscape for our products. Our team appreciates the hard work, the efforts, and the focus on generating results.”

Øyvind Birkenes, CEO