Harnessing the power of B2B influencers

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The Challenge

Influencer marketing campaigns are normally used for consumer products. When a celebrity or thought leader touts a product’s benefits, it creates a positive relationship between that product and their audience. But in the business-to-business (B2B) space, a successful influencer campaign presents additional challenges. When managed web-hosting provider Liquid Web needed a way to drive brand awareness and visits to its website, the company wasn’t sure influencer voices could help. Airfoil had to demonstrate the value of an influencer-marketing campaign and show past success from similar efforts. Then, Airfoil had to deliver a strong campaign with measurable results that proved the point.

The Airfoil Solution

Using respected voices in the worlds of business and technology, Airfoil created easy-to-share content with high-quality visuals to spread Liquid Web’s message far and wide. The campaign centered around the “Build Something Brilliant” hashtag, shining a spotlight on each influencer’s creative endeavors via blogs and social media posts. The secret sauce involved making each post authentic, non-salesy, and reflective of Liquid Web’s potential impact in its target markets. And while Airfoil certainly wanted the campaign to reach as many eyeballs as possible, it had more-important metrics in mind: Engagements with each #BuildSomethingBrilliant post, creating lasting relationships with tech influencers, and optimizing Liquid Web’s ROI with a high-value CPM.

The Results

Outside of the campaign, Liquid Web averaged around 275 visits per week through Facebook referrals to its website. But at the peak of the “Build Something Brilliant” campaign, Facebook referrals to the Liquid Web site reached 10,422 visits — more than 37 times the normal inbound traffic. All told, the campaign garnered nearly 6 million impressions, a count that continues to grow. Across all distribution channels, those campaign posts prompted 780 unique engagements from consumers aligned with Liquid Web’s core demographic. In terms of efficiency, the campaign delivered a CPM of $2.52, which performed slightly better than the average display, email or video advertising campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

“I love working with Airfoil. They’re smart; they do what they say they’re going to do and I like working with them. That’s a unique combination and often hard to find.”

Terry Trout, Vice President, Customer Experience, Communications

Liquid Web

Times normal traffic

Visits per week

Unique engagements