Lisa Vallee-Smith

As CEO, I chart the future of the firm, ensure we achieve our business goals, develop new clients, and provide strategic counsel to clients and teams.

What has been your favorite client interaction?
My favorite client interactions are always when I provide counsel to a client; they take my advice; and it all works out. A wonderful feeling. Also, getting Bill Gates a Mountain Dew moments before a press conference.

What’s the best thing about working at Airfoil?
Opportunity to express myself, stretch my consulting skills, and truly create something from nothing – the essence of creativity.

Why did you choose marketing as a career?
Back in the day (waayyy back), it was one of the few careers open to women; also, my first family had a private business that was led by my dad and my brothers – I wasn’t invited to that party.

What’s one thing clients always ask you?
Get me in the Wall Street Journal!!!

What’s the most embarrassing moment in your career?
I ran into a waitress in front of PR legend Harold Burson, her tray of cocktails came crashing to the ground.

Favorite place you’ve visited?
Paris, Paris, Paris. Nothing and nowhere better.

How many hats do you wear? What are they?
Business owner, wife, daughter, mom, friend, and doting caregiver of a dog and a rabbit.

Who’s your dream celebrity bff?
Martha Stewart.

Favorite hobby?
Cooking. See Martha Stewart above. Also, huge Ina Garten fan.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I was an Avon Lady in high school.

Lisa Vallee-Smith

CEO & President