Surpassing sky-high expectations at CES

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The Challenge

Parrot Drone ControllerParrot has a history of show-stopping product launches at CES. From its groundbreaking AR.Drone quadcopter debut to the incredible Disco drone introduction, Parrot knows how to draw a crowd. As a result, indoor space at CES is now a drone no-fly zone. So when your new drone can’t fly at CES, how do you still capture the spotlight? And when your brand is synonymous with amazing product debuts, how do you meet sky-high expectations year after year?

The Airfoil Solution

At CES, any product will get lost in the chaos unless it makes an impact early in the show. How early? Try before CES even starts. To address the trend of fewer reporters booking meetings at the show, Airfoil coordinated briefings with major media outlets when they first arrive in Las Vegas in the days before the show floor opens, to provide an exclusive preview of the hotly anticipated drones before they are announced. The result: High-visibility, high-quality coverage at the start of CES week. Due to CES flight restrictions, reporters couldn’t fly the drones at those briefings. No worries. Airfoil created unique opportunities to take to the skies at private events throughout the year and manages expansive product review programs for reporters to get their own flight time.

The Results

Airfoil’s CES strategy hits the jackpot. Thousands of Parrot-related stories are published from the show each year, and early access to Parrot’s products have helped the company earn “Best of CES” awards from WIRED, The Verge, and Popular Science among others. By building onto anticipation around the show, creating exclusive preview opportunities for the most influential outlets, and then capturing the excitement, surprise and showmanship of Las Vegas – Airfoil has helped to make Parrot’s newest technologies a CES showstopper, year after year.

Parrot DronesAt the Parrot Bebop 2 launch event in San Francisco, dozens of media attendees took the controls of the drone. And at the unique Parrot Disco launch event at SilverRock Resort in Palm Springs and gathering US and European media, dozens more piloted the fixed-wing drone around a golf course. Following the Bebop 2 event, Parrot’s drone was the subject of stories on USA Today, Wall Street Journal, CNET, The Verge, WIRED, TechCrunch, Engadget, Popular Science, and other top-tier publications. The Palm Springs event also produced more than 120 stories, reaching a combined readership in the hundreds of millions. Mission accomplished.

Category Creation and Media Relations

“We’ve developed a true partnership with Airfoil over the years. They understand our brand, our markets, our values, and thanks to that, they’re able to offer the right counsel and relevant approaches to help us meet our PR goals.”

Vanessa Loury, Head of PR & Communications