Sharon Neumann

I manage all the operations of the firm, including finance, HR, IT, facilities and administration.

What is your area of focus/what teams do you lead and/or work on?
My primary focus is developing the overall financial strategy and annual business plans. I work with my team to ensure we have the right resources to achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

How long have you worked at Airfoil?
10 years full-time and as a consultant for three years prior

What’s the best thing about working at Airfoil?
Working at a small business has allowed me to take on new challenges over the years that I never thought I would be doing.

Why did you choose marketing as a career?
Since I seem to have virtually no creative abilities, accounting seemed to be a natural fit for me. Who would have thought I’d end up at company full of creative people?

What’s one thing clients always ask you?
Can I get a reduced price? I have also been asked if we would trade services for gift cards – no joke!

What’s your all-time favorite Airfoil event?
We celebrated our 15-year anniversary a couple years ago at the GP Yacht club. The fire dancer that showed up after dark surprised (and maybe terrified) everyone. It was definitely a night to remember!

Favorite place you’ve visited?
Magens Bay Beach, St. Thomas – most beautiful beach I’ve even been to (and I’ve been to a lot of beaches!)

How many hats do you wear? What are they?
So many! Wife and mother, role model, manager of all things financial, social director, comedian (at least I think I’m funny).

Sharon Neuman

Senior Vice President, Finance & Adminstration