Taking TechSmith from 'what's that?' to 'gotta have it'

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The Challenge

TechSmith has been making visual communication and collaboration software since the days of the first season of Full House, Michael Jackson’s Bad, and Windows 2.0 (That’s 1987). Despite three decades’ worth of experience, TechSmith has faced fresh challenges in recent years. Now, there are a variety of video-editing and screen-capture tools, many of which are free, and there’s even a snipping tool built right into Windows. TechSmith makes screen-capture and video-editing software with features that put many no-cost and low-cost solutions to shame, but how do you increase brand awareness and perceived value in a sector with so many options available?

The Airfoil Solution

In order to differentiate TechSmith’s offerings, Airfoil focused its messaging on how the company’s software addresses user pain points every day. It increases productivity by cutting down on emails and attending tedious meetings. Airfoil and TechSmith worked together to identify mainstream tech media and trade publications to target for coverage, and the strategy went well beyond circulating a press release. Our team used deskside demos with product reviewers to drive coverage of SnagIt across the intended media targets. The goal: To secure 12 pieces of positive coverage for SnagIt via Airfoil’s phased media outreach.

The Results

The campaign resulted in increased brand awareness for TechSmith and SnagIt, as Airfoil surpassed the coverage goals with ease. Over a three-month period following the launch of SnagIt 13, approximately 20 media outlets published reviews and hands-on pieces for the software, positioning it as a “must-have” productivity tool. In the mainstream-media universe, coverage highlights included an Editor’s Choice award from PC Magazine, as well as a recommendation from Forbes. Additional high-value publications such as BetaNews, Campus Technology, and Insider Secrets also heaped praise on the software.

Brand Awareness and Media Relations

“The thing I love most is that the Airfoil team is genuinely enthusiastic about the work and about what we do.”

Ryan Knott, Public Relations Specialist