What We Do

We dig deeper to engage audiences through an integrated approach to marketing and communications.


From digital and social to mobile and media buying, our advertising skills range from conception to completion. Our integrated, data-driven approach ensures the strategy, messaging and design work in harmony to drive the desired action from your audience.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is more than a fad. It’s the heart and soul of how you build your customer base. And the focus on owned channels and technology has created a renewed concentration on what’s long been an important factor: storytelling.

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Creative & Design

If a visual is worth a thousand words, it’s worth even more in sales. Visual storytelling taps into the way we learn and connect with others. It also uses popular media formats that your audience is already engaging with in their personal lives.

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Crisis Communications

In today’s always-connected world, your business can be thrust into the court of public opinion during a crisis. For 17 years, Airfoil has used keen judgment and frank strategic counsel to guide big and small businesses through stressful situations.

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Digital Marketing

The rise of mobile search is an example of how digital marketing can experience a sea change in the blink of an eye. From capitalizing on micro-moments to developing contextually relevant targeting, we have up-to-the-second knowledge of the industry.

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Influencer Marketing

Social media has fundamentally changed the balance of power between your business and your customers. Peer recommendations now play a greater role in purchasing decisions, essentially making influencer marketing the new word-of-mouth.

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Media Relations

Media-outreach strategies, much like marketing techniques, need to evolve to reflect the habits of a more-informed audience. One-size-fits-all pitches no longer work. Cold calls go unanswered. What matters is relationships.

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Research is the first step to success and a key component of our Higher Thinking™ process. We use audience insights and competitive analysis to deliver an innovative strategy customized for your brand and goals.

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Social Media

Harness the power of emerging media platforms to drive measurable business results. In today’s connected world, it’s no longer the brand that controls the conversation. Social media puts that power in the hands of the customer.

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Strategy & Planning

We dig deep into your target market and competitors to build marketing communications programs rooted in insight. We help your business gain share of voice by inspiring audience engagement and action, and then we prove ROI through expertly measured results.

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Few things can engage your audience like video. Videos currently constitute around 70 percent of all consumer web traffic, with no signs of slowing down. From testimonials to commercials, we can help your brand draw people in and leave them wanting more.

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